Work with digital color?

Ensure your choices will not only look great online, but also translate into other media for the next big project with Pantone digital tools and data. Specifying Pantone Colors gives you confidence knowing that your color will look great no matter where it appears down the road.


Tools for Inspiration

With nearly 2,000 colors, Pantone can help you easily translate your client’s brief and brand direction into an approach that is friendly to both your design process and the budget.

VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 05 - Organic Matter

VIEWPOINT COLOUR Issue 05 - Organic Matter

<p>Viewpoint Colour Issue 05 pays tribute to the ultimate designer: nature. Nature effortlessly achieves all the design goals humans set themselves and strive to reach: beauty, functionality, circularity. What can we learn from nature and how can we apply its principles to our own designs? </p>


Tools for Creation

Pantone's RGB and HTML color values make applying consistent across project a snap. And each color also has associate spot color and CMYK values, so your colors can be used as versatilely as you need them to be.